Claire and Nicola Tagg are sisters from Staffordshire in the Midlands, UK. They graduated from the University Of The Creative Arts together in 2017.


Claire has always had an interest in art and has the ability to see the beauty in the most simple things. The designer studied art and deign at college where she specialised in fashion. Although this was something that she evidently good at she had a dream since she was a young girl to be an airline stewardess. When travelling with her family as a child she would see the airline stewardess’s and have so much admiration for them as they would look so glamorous in their uniforms and be so confident in themselves. Being a shy child she thought that if she could become a stewardess then this would make her more confident, more glamorous version of herself. After years of applications and interviews Claire received many knock backs trying to get into this industry but she never gave up and finally she got her dream job. She was an air stewardess for three years where she left home, lived in Belgium for three years and travelled all around Europe. 


Whilst traveling around cities she would take photographs of the architecture she would see and draw from the details in them. She used the things that she had seen as inspiration to make elaborate prints and soon realised that art was not so much a hobby but what she actually enjoyed doing. The novelty of being a glamorous airline stewardess soon worn off when she realised that the job was not glamorous at all, in fact it was really hard work. Claire began collecting the prints she had made in her spare time and make herself a portfolio to apply to Universities back in the UK. 


The designer studied BA Hons Fashion Textiles Print at University where she learnt how to take her print work to new levels, experimenting with materials and techniques to create intricate digital prints. Her internship at Preen by Thornton Bregazzi is where she leant to sew and pattern cut which allowed her to create a final collection which was both rich in texture and experimental in the way it was structured. 



Nicola studied fashion design at college however she knew that even though she loved fashion, what excited her the most was the styling of what she had created. She started to take an interest in directing editorials of Claire’s designs rather than the making of her own. Nicola got a place at University to study fashion design nonetheless she ultimately decided to follow her heart and chose to study BA Hons in Fashion Promotion alongside her sister at the University For The Creative Arts Rochester. 



The sisters have two completely different styles which really compliment each other. Claire has an appreciation for art, and skilful creations as well as ornate beautiful things whereas Nicola has a preference for contemporary fashion and styling. When these two styles merge together the designers are able to make skilful, unique designs with contemporary styling. When putting there strengths together they are unstoppable. There determination, love and respect for each other is what has brought them to where they are today.  

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